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AfriTeens Enterpreneur and Empowerment Network is an organization founded to support teenagers in Africa in achieving their dreams. The organization is a revolutionary life transformer looking at the set of programmes and projects we have laid down. We have been putting all efforts to ensuring that this organization which is ready to impact millions of African teenagers comes to fruition.

Our organization is entrepreneurship and leadership based. It has the vision of training teenagers and youths and empowering them across Africa. Teenage is a stage in the development of a child that requires attention. At this very age, young adults are subjected to many things ranging from sexual exploitation, peer pressure, abuses, and criminalities just to mention but a few. We intend to assist the government in empowering this fragile young people. We felt this teenage stage is quite important in the life of a child. This is the time you can give them the right orientation about life.

We have the mission of establishing this organization in all the countries in Africa and the 36 states In Nigeria.

Our strategies are to build a strong financial base through partnership that will help us to empower these young adults across Africa through mentorship, information sharing, networking and education to achieve their dreams.

Currently, we have representatives in 11 states of Nigeria: Ondo, Edo, Kogi, Rivers, Benue, Kano, Sokoto, Ogun, Oyo, Anambra, Osun and FCT. The organization is set to collaborate with other organizations and individuals who share in our ideologies.

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